Temporal / Intemporal


Temporal/Intemporal is a short film about yearning – yearning for stillness, union and a permanent state of joy, in a temporal world in which all experiences are fleeting, and all that we possess is subject to loss, change and decay.

In the film, we find ourselves in an uncertain, nocturnal environment, in which we are drawn towards night-time lights. The lights stand for all that we yearn for – joy, certainty, inclusion, stillness and peace – but the lights repeatedly fade and disappear, and we remain excluded from what we desire. Yet eventually a mood of agitation gives way to one of greater stillness, a state of fractured alienation becomes a state of union, and we are drawn fully into the light.

The film has been exhibited at Edinburgh College of Art (2004), Qube Art Gallery, Oswestry (2005), and the first ever Hereford Photography Festival Fringe (2005) – in the group show eight@the warehouse: photographies, an artist-led initiative supported by Arts Council England, Seeing the Light/Rhubarb-Rhubarb and the Elmley Foundation.

High-quality copies of Temporal/Intemporal are available on DVD direct from Simon Denison.

Selected stills from Temporal/Intemporal

'At the still point of the turning world … there the dance is, / But neither arrest nor movement. And do not call it fixity, / Where past and future are gathered … Except for the point, the still point, / There would be no dance …'

TS Eliot, Burnt Norton, II