Critical Writing

Subject Description
Wooldridge & Soutter Book review: Duncan Wooldridge & Lucy Soutter (Eds): Writer Conversations, 1000 Words, Source 111, 2023
Jaap Scheeren Book review: Jaap Scheeren, Flipping the Bird, FW:Books, Source 110, 2023
Rik Moran Book review: Rik Moran, Chance Encounters in the Valley of Lights, CentreCentre, Source 108, 2022
Dan Wood Book review: Dan Wood, Black Was the River, You See, Kozu Books, Source 106, 2021
Leah Gordon Catalogue essay: Leah Gordon, Enclosure. Source 105, 2021
Jörg Colberg Book review: Jörg Colberg, Photography's Neoliberal Realism, MACK, Source 104, 2021
David Campany Book review: David Campany, On Photographs, Thames & Hudson, Source 103, 2020
Joel Meyerowitz Book review: Joel Meyerowitz, How I Make Photographs, Laurence King, Source 102, 2020
Lisa Barnard Book review: Lisa Barnard, The Canary and the Hammer, MACK, Source 99, 2019
Aaron Schuman Book review: Aaron Schuman, Slant, MACK, Source 98, 2019
Robin Friend Book review: Robin Friend, Bastard Countryside, Loose Joints. Source 97, 2019
Taco Hidde Bakker Book review: Taco Hidde Bakker, The Photograph That Took the Place of a Mountain, FW:Books. Source 96, 2018
John Divola Book review: John Divola, Vandalism, MACK. Source 94, 2018
Horáková + Maurer Book review: Horáková + Maurer, TPX-Index, Edition Camera Austria. Source 94, 2018
Simon Roberts Book review: Simon Roberts, Merrie Albion: Landscape Studies of a Small Island, Dewi Lewis. Source 93, 2018
Mathieu Asselin Book review: Mathieu Asselin, Monsanto: A Photographic Investigation, Verlag Kettler. Source 92, 2017
Liza Dracup Exhibition review: Liza Dracup, Field Work, Impressions, Bradford. Source 91, 2017
Format Photography Festival Exhibition review: Ahead Still Lies Our Future, QUAD, Derby. Source 90, 2017
Clare Harris Book review: Clare Harris, Photography and Tibet, Reaktion Books, Source 89, 2017
Peter Dekens Book review: Peter Dekens, (Un)expected, Eriskay Collection, Source 89, 2017
Jack Latham Book review: Jack Latham, Sugar Paper Theories, Here Press, Source 88, 2016
David Bate Book review: David Bate, Art Photography, Tate Publishing, Source 86, 2016
Sophy Rickett Book review: Sophy Rickett, The Death of a Beautiful Subject, GOST, Source 85, 2016
Ivars Gravlejs Book review: Ivars Gravlejs, Early Works, MACK, Source 84, 2015
Marc Wilson Book review: Marc Wilson, The Last Stand, Triplekite Publishing, Source 84, 2015
Xavier Ribas Exhibition review: Xavier Ribas, Nitrate, Bluecoat, Liverpool, Source 83, 2015
Format Photography Festival Festival review: Format Photography Festival 2015, Derby, Source 82, 2015
David Farrell Book review: David Farrell, The Swallowing Tree, Latent Image Editions, Source 81, 2014
Michael Ashkin Book review: Michael Ashkin, Long Branch, A-Jump Books, Source 81, 2014
Noémie Goudal Exhibition review: The Geometrical Determination of the Sunrise, New Art Gallery, Walsall, Source 80, 2014
Tom Wood Exhibition review: Tom Wood, Landscapes, Oriel Mostyn, Llandudno, Source 78, 2014
Reference Works Exhibition review: Reference Works. Library of Birmingham. Source 77, 2014
F&D Cartier Exhibition review: F&D Cartier, Wait and See: A Retrospective, Ffotogallery, Cardiff, Source 76, 2013
Sebastião Salgado Exhibition review: Sebastião Salgado, Genesis, Natural History Museum. Source 75, 2013
Mårten Lange Book review: Mårten Lange, Another Language, MACK. Source 74, 2013
John Curno Book review: John Curno, It's About Time, Fotonow. Source 73, 2012
Frederick N Bohrer Book review: Frederick N Bohrer, Photography and Archaeology, Reaktion Books. Source 71, 2012
John Myers Exhibition review: John Myers, Middle England, Icon Gallery, Birmingham. Source 70, 2012
Edgar Martins Book review: Edgar Martins, This is Not a House, Dewi Lewis, Source 69, 2011
Photography Galleries Feature: The New Photography Galleries, Source 68, 2011
Audrey Linkman Book review: Audrey Linkman, Photography and Death, Reaktion Books, Source 68, 2011
Michel Campeau Exhibition review: Michel Campeau, Darkroom, Ffotogallery, Cardiff, Source 66, 2011
Hereford Photography Festival Festival review: Hereford Photography Festival 2010, Hereford, Source 65, 2010
Steve McCurry Exhibition review: Steve McCurry, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Source 64, 2010
New Topographics Book review: New Topographics, Steidl, Source 63, 2010
Frank Gohlke Book review: Frank Gohlke, Thoughts on Landscape, Hol Art Books, Source 62, 2010
Klavdij Sluban Book review: Klavdij Sluban, East to East, Dewi Lewis, Source 62, 2010
Justin Partyka Exhibition review: Justin Partyka, The East Anglians, Sainsbury Centre, Norwich, Source 61, 2009
Photographic Printing Feature: Printing Revolution, Source 60, 2009
Hereford Photography Festival Festival review: Hereford Photography Festival 2009, Hereford, Source 60, 2009
John Riddy Exhibition review: John Riddy, Low Relief, Frith Street Gallery, Source 59, 2009
David Goldblatt Exhibition review: David Goldblatt, Intersections Intersected, Open Eye, Liverpool, Source 58, 2009
Unreliable Truths Exhibition review: Unreliable Truths, Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea, Source 57, 2008
Michael Collins Exhibition review: Michael Collins, The Long Look, Bedford Creative Arts Gallery, Bedford, Source 56, 2008
Naoki Ishikawa Book review: Naoki Ishikawa, New Dimension, Akaaka, Source 55, 2008
KayLynn Deveney Book review: KayLynn Deveney, The Day-to-Day Life of Albert Hastings, Princeton Arch Press, Source 54, 2008
Clare Richardson Book review: Clare Richardson, Beyond the Forest, SteidlMACK, Source 54, 2008
Tessa Bunney Exhibition review: Tessa Bunney, Hand to Mouth, Impressions, Bradford, Source 53, 2007
Kitty Hauser Book review: Kitty Hauser, Shadow Sites, Oxford University Press, Source 52, 2007
Education of a Photographer Book review: Eds. Traub, Heller & Bell, Education of a Photographer, Allworth Press, Source 51, 2007


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